At Moøkan we build experiences
Because experiences make decisions

Moøkan is a Real Time 3D company for interactive models and virtual reality, empowering your ideas and business, bringing them to the XXI century communications. 

We can create a full operative app open to your requirements with all the options you need.

Not all the projects are the same, each have its own particularities. We create for our clients a personal User Interface (UI) and Tools allowing them to interact and show their projects and ideas in different ways.

A powerful way to show a design, walk or fly around it, interact with it, change it, or even modify it.

We will make the user become part of it. Let them experience by your clients through an interactive model with the most advanced graphics and effects. 

What We Do and How We Do It

Real Time 3D

As a solution for creators, we turn your design into a model that can be rendered in real time for a dynamic visualization. We use the power of Unreal Engine to provide the best quality and performance.

Virtual Tour
Product Presentation
Real Estate Preview
3D eCommerce
Training & Education

3D Development

We make your ideas become digital and optimize them for real time 3D adding multiple levels of detail for a smooth visualization.

Classical Modeling
Sculpture Modeling
Parametric Design
Advanced Texturing


3D Design

Let your ideas become real, we design for you, our team of architects and designers can create the solution you need, ready to show to your clients and investors.

Interior Design
Product Design
Level Design
UI Environment


Experience Design

Give life to the model, we design a way of understanding and showing your product, adding animation, interaction and environmental effects that bring realism into the model.

Guided Tours
Material Editor
Object Interaction

Environmental Effects
Guides and Tutorials


A scalable solution that can be used with a big variety of platforms, from high performance computers to smartphones where your model can be on your client's pocket.

Smartphone and Tablet
Virtual Reality Kit
Online Websites
Big Screen and Projection
Showroom Touch Screen

Success in Events

Finally all this can be integrated and adapted for exhibitions where people can experience the ideas as you imagine. With a full installation package so you don't need to worry about anything.

Sales Office
Digital Advertisement

Reduces Uncertainty

A preview experience that helps build confidence and determination, eliminating risks and fears

Stunning Realism

Inside and outside scenarios with high level of detail and quality. Help the buyer to have a more precise understanding of the space

Anytime, Anywhere

The App can be easily visualized allowing your clients or consumers to experience your design or product when and where they want.

More engagement:
turn it into a game

With our UI you can let your clients visualize and choose different options for the materials furniture, light and more. Let them explore your design. 

MOØKAN brings Real Time 3D from the top video game industry to your projects