Category: Real Time 3D

Client: ER Design Lab

Designer: ERDL

Tags: Residential, architecture, visualization, virtual experience, nature, landscape, ecologic, virtual reality, VR, rural, ERDL, Portugal, Macau, interior design

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2018

Gaia House is a visualization for the Macanese-Portuguese Studio ER. Design Lab authors of the design. Our task is to help them show their vision to the land owner to make his ideas become true.

This visualization is made while the design is still on an early stage, the architecture has already gave form the singular needs of the project but the design is not yet final. It becomes a tool of communication between the designers and the developer. A tool that will get a better outcome and the full satisfaction with the design since it avoids surprises during construction.



Being it a communication tool the challenge for us is to represent the design correctly and taking care of every detail while completing the task in a very short time so the creative process is not interrupted for our work.

Producing this visualization in only one week is a good proof of the expertise Moøkan has acquired during the last 3 years. This allows us to resolve faster and better the projects we work on.

The project is a rural villa in Portugal, consisting on 2 buildings, an exempt garage, garden area and a vegetable garden. The architecture closes to the exterior in three sides and opens to the opposite side from the entrance to include the landscape in the villa’s garden.