M.Viewer demo App

Download the M.Viewer demo to see all the potential of M.Viewer for your marketing and sales force. See how this virtual 3D catalog can display your products in an interactive 3D environment where products can be customized in real time.

Learn more about M.Viwer here.

Updated: Now version 1.003

Windows 64 | Mac | Android | Android China.

Virtual Hall

Download this project to visit our Sculpture Museum and try some of the functionalities we offer in our Real Time 3D Architecture Simulations. 

Learn more about this project here.

Updated: Now version 1.2.14

Windows 64 | Windows 32

Frequently Asked Questions

First download the file and unzip it on your computer, then just double click on the .exe file and it will start automatically.

Usually not. In case your system is not updated the package includes prerequisites needed to execute the simulation, such as redistributable operative system components, whenever possible. So if your system is not updated go to downloaded folder  ...\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us  and execute the intaller App. 

Yes, our Apps can be scalated according to your computer to offer a fluent navigation. At the start menu you can go to options where you can reduce the graphic quality level to adapt the visualization to your computer performance.

When you use the mouse as controller the standard configuration works as a video game, since it is the most common way for immersive experiences. If you would like to change it, go to the options menu and clic the Inverse Mouse box.

Yes. Just clic the Full Screen Mode box on the options Menu. 

Our Apps are designed For Windows Vista and higher, in 32 and 64 bits. Check on Windows Settings your Operative System to know which version download. 

The saved Files from our App are saved in your AppData folder. To find it go to

:\Users\"your user"\AppData\Local\"the app name"\Saved\Screenshots\

Yes, our Apps are totaly safe, you can analyze them for viruses. Some companies, with a very restrictive policy to prevent unknow software attacks, just mark all the Apps that they do not have in their database as a potential danger. 

Our Apps, as we are a small developer, are not registered there so sometimes they are targeted this way by software like Avast. Currently we are working to solve this issue. 

Thanks for your trust.