Job Opening - Generalist Programmer

Position: Generalist Programmer

Location: Shenzhen, China


  • C++ programming.
  • Speaks Chinese, English can be a language for work.
  • Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) is a plus.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field and/or other evidence of...

Job Opening - 3D Artist

Position: 3D Artist

Location: Shenzhen, China


  • High-quality 3D modeling and texturing hard-surface using 3Dmax or Maya.
  • Photoshop, CAD, Rhino 3D and Zbrush is a plus.
  • Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) is a plus.
  • Previously worked on architectural and...

Job Opening - 3D Modeler

Position: 3D Modeler

Location: Shenzhen, China


  • High-quality 3D modeling and texturing useing 3Dmax or Maya.
  • Photoshop, CAD, Maya, Rhino 3D and Zbrush are plus.
  • Experience working with architectural and ...

Job opening - 3D Artist for Virtual Reality

MOØKAN is a 3D virtual experience company, developing projects for architectural and product visualization. In MOØKAN  we are looking for talented 3D artist for Virtual Reality projects. We offer positions for freelance and in-house artist.


  • High-quality 3D modeling and texturing Hard-...

Apple and Virtual Reality - One year later

In the recent WWDC Apple announced great news regarding Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The first, is the launch of new computers prepared for these technologies, the second is that they have improve the 3D graphics with Metal 2, but the most interesting is what has not been...

Benllurie - Bust of a Lady

This week we published a bust of the Spanish Mariano Benlliure, the last master of nineteenth-century realist sculpture in Spain. The bust portrays a lady of the Spanish high society of 1909, when it was portrayed in this marble of 19.5 x 23 cm base and 48 in height.


Mao Zedong - Ceramic

This time a pottery of the Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong. The cult of the figure of this leader has bequeathed us innumerable representations of the same as a man of the people, so at the base we find the motto "at the service of the people" "为人民服务".

The cult of Mao promoted by...

“Aprendiz” by Jerónimo Suñol

Today we present bust of an "apprentice" of the sculptor Jerónimo Suñol, one of the most important sculptors of his time in Spain. The sculpture is made in the stage of artistic refinement in Rome in 1878 and cast in bronze later in Barcelona. This small bust measures 43 cm...

Adam by Rodin

Our second piece for this sculpture collection is a miniature of Rodin's Adam. This piece of smaller scale than the original, 56cm, seems to be a pre-test to the sculpture of Adam finally made in 1881 to place on the sides of "The Gates of Hell". Although it seems that before this assignment, Rodin already had exposed...