Modern Power: 2018 Designers Summit

Organized and supported by International Youth Designer Association and Overland, "Modern Power: 2018 Designers Summit" has been held in Foshan on 10 Apr 2018. More than 1000 designers attended the summit. Mr.Gago, the co-founder of MOØKAN, was invited as a special international guest.

Holographic projection, high-altitude special effects, live symphony orchestras and UAV shooting have been shown in the Summit. The Overland, one of the leading companies of ceramic tile, has presented the evolutional history of ceramic tile Aesthetics; Mr. He, Design Director of PAL Design Group (HK) and Mr. Zhang, Red Dot Gold award designer (Taiwan), have shared their understanding of modern power.

In the forum of international master of modern design, the guests from different coutries have discussed the application of elements of black, white and grey. 

Mr.Gago expressed that Overland plain colour is not just color, it's 3D, light, roughness and grain texture; all these layers makes these ceramics a realistic natural stone and marble, which effect makes you feel like in nature. Similar technique used by MOØKAN to creat high quality and realistic materials on 3D visualizations.

The Summit is one of the largest design activities in recent years and considered successful. It's also annouced that there will be an award of "Modern Design" open to all designers.

Mr. Gago sent his message to Chinese young designers as following:

"Creativity does not just come in one day; 

 Creativity is built day by day,

 with hard work and study."


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