Macau CPD Event: VR Application on Building Design

Invited by Association of Building Engineers of Macau (ABEM) and Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) - School of Continuing Studies, Moøkan has conducted a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programme of "VR Application on Building Design" to over 30 members from ABEM and MUST in Macau on 9 Mar 2018.

In this CPD programme, we have presented contents of following:

1. Virtual Reality and the technology
2. Real Time 3D and optimization
3. Virtual Experience for Buildings
- Building Design 
- Building Visualization 
- Smart Hotel 
- Facility Management 

The programme is considered successful and most of the members have experienced the VR technology by themselves.

Mookan has already completed 2 projects in Macau. With the VR technology, we helped the client to have a better understanding of the hotel room design before construction. We hope this techlogy will be known and used more in Macau.

Please feel free to contact us for more details about this event.

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