Category: Real Time 3D

Client: Moøkan

Designer: GA·GA

Tags: office, interior design, architecture, sci-fi, real time, interactive

Date: Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Virtual Office is our first project as well as a sample of our work expertise. It shows an architectural model in a way everyone can understand and experience the space. It is a preview/visualization of an architectural design that offers the possibility to experience the scale and light of the space as the designers have imagined it.

This scene shows also a sample of our first User Interface (based on HalVR). The user can move around walking or flying as a drone, edit the objects and materials of the scene in real time and move from a point of interest to another using a list or a minimap. While moving around the user can take high quality shots with our camera, as renderings of the model, with the possibility of adjusting the zoom and the focal distance.

The design of the building is from our partner GA·GA Design. It features a Showroom and Office building with a double-height central exhibition space. It has two wings of simple height office space and connecting both areas through the second floor there is a corridor with the private offices on the north side. The scene has been developed with two light sets, the first with midday light, and the second with sunset light. 

It has been located in a sci-fi scene cloudy and filled with flying boxes, flying traffic and some electrical sparks. Just a non-real place for this sample. 


Cinematographic Video


Demo Video