Updating the cinematographic videos: Virtual Office

Real Time Render is a great tool that allow us to live experiences in a much more natural way, giving us the freedom to interact with the environment, to move freely and to pay attention to the things that interest us.

This doesn't mean at any point that other directed and closed methods as the cinema are loosing its value. Cinema allow us to transmit in a very direct way and the viewer only needs to pay attention to what we want to communicate. Right now in Moøkan we are recording video footage of our projects to offer both communication options.

Through this new step we finally integrate one of the features key to choose Unreal Engine 4 as our main tool; the capability to produce video footage from the scenes we have created on it. It has a really high speed rendering that allows us to create a video from one of our projects with a very low cost of computing time.

The first one is from our Virtual Office  

Music by Ludovico Einaudi, Nuvole bianche.



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