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We love Sketchfab, and we would like to share it with you. Sketchfab is a website to share 3D models as we share video in Youtube or Vimeo. It is a light 3D engine on the web that is perfect to show 3D models and sites. It is a fantastic tool for artists and it is becoming popular also for museums, to share their collections with all the world. Some models can be downloaded to share the 3D files, so other artists can use them for their own creations.

For us it is also a way to show our work to our clients and discuss the details while exploring the 3D model with a very easy tool to use. Before we used to send them images or even some fast renders, now with this tool we send them the model and they don't need to install anything to see the model and orbit around it. For us is a great communication tool that has improved our work pipeline.

We also have found an amazing community making of Sketchfab a great place where to be as 3D creators, finding in their blog and forum many useful tips and recommendations. But probably one of the most interesting things of this web is the 3D database with almost a million of 3D models. Many of it can be downloaded with Creative Common license. We found many useful models used on our scenes in their collection and we would like to thanks them for it.

As an example here we have one of our models, created by photogrammetry and optimized as a low poly. A piece of traditional chinese stone handrail with the high relief of a dragon, from the Chiwan Tian Hou temple, Shekou, Shenzhen, China.

Dragon by mookan on Sketchfab


Or this Virtual reality ready scene from the Athene Academy by InDigital

The Academy of Athens by InDigital on Sketchfab


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