Dragons from Tian Hou Temple

After a visit to the Tian Hou Temple, Shekou, Shenzhen, we have create two new examples of photogrammetry models. The temple is a reconstruction of one of the most ancient buildings of what today is Shenzhen, a temple dedicated to TianHou the Mother Of Heaven and goddess of the Sea. The legend says it was built to show gratitude to the goddess for saving the great flee of the famous admiral ZhengHe around the year 1410. From that date the temple has been rebuilt many times, the last one in the 90's of last century. 

We have recreated two elements, that now we share with you through Sketchfab. The first, is one of the two symmetrical sculptures of dragons from the first platform of the inside courtyard. The second one is a decorative element from a traditional stone handrail with a relief of a dragon on the clouds flying over the sea. 

This two models have been optimized to be easy to show on a browser. The dragon sculpture, originally have 6.5 million polygons, a model of 450 Mb. Now you can download it just with 30k polygons with only 1,9 Mb including two texture maps, for diffuse color (the material you can see) and a normal map (to recuperate the detail loss by the polygon reduction).


Dragon Sculpture by Moøkan on Sketchfab

Dragon by Moøkan on Sketchfab



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