Information Boards

Now in our Virtual Hall not only we can enjoy the sculptures but also we can know about them thanks to our new information boards. These boards show us the name of the sculpture and a short explanation of the piece and where it comes from. But what makes these boards truly great is that they only appear when we get close enough to the sculpture, to a comfortable distance to see the sculpture and read the information, and disappear when we get even closer so it doesn't disturb us when taking a close-up view, or when we get away from it to keep always a clean view of the room.

The new boards also rotate around the sculpture to be always oriented towards us for an easy reading, from any angle from the floor or even flying over it. This latest improvement also highlights a great advantage of the real time 3D, due its greater interactivity, we can get information increasing what we see through new layers of data or usability.

Thanks to this improvement we developed a new functionality to add to new projects and enhance the experiences we create at Moøkan making them even more complete.

Link to the project Virtual Hall



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