What we do in Moøkan

Moøkan creates Real Time 3D contents
for new media communications.

For a new media generation based on Real Time 3D, Moøkan offers an innovative and flexible solution that meets the most exigent requirements.

We provide a full solution for your projects, no matter if you can give us your own 3D material or you are not related to any 3D or design industry, we can develop all for you or just what you need.

At Moøkan we create a full packaged App optimized and ready to use on any platform: Computers, Web browsers, Smartphones and Tablets (IOS and Android).

Real Time 3D
The core technology to support a new media generation

Real Time 3D

A solution for creators; we introduce their 3D designs into a game engine, adding high quality textures, illumination, animations, a user interface and improving it by including all the elements to give a complete experience as people, trees, furniture, environmental effects, traffic, interactive elements and sound. 

We classify the projects by two parameters, the Object Scale and the User Experience.

The Object Scale define the magnitude of what we are representing and how much detail we need.

The Object Scale measures the size and complexity of the representation. It can reach from a simple hand tool to a large city reconstruction or even a world generation. A complex model can have multiple elements with different scales, but the largest scale is the one that defines the general detail complexity to obtain a fluid rendering. 

The User Experience (UX) is the set of choices and their definition that we offer to the user in a project.

The UX is about the relation between the object and the user, how much they can interact, from just a 3D viewer to a compex training with animated tutorials. The User Experience options can be added in any combination to your project, giving you a flexible solution.


by Object Scale


An object, usually just the outside shell, with a 3D orbit to explore it from any angle. It also can have mechanical parts and multiple elements with animations to show how it works.


Models with exterior and interior spaces, or only exterior spaces. To explore it the user can choose between a pedestrian view (walking around) or a drone view (flight mode). It may include surrounding buildings, landscape elements, interactive objects such as doors or lifts. We can also provide an optional day night cycle, or environmental effects as rain or snow. 


Exterior projects where the focus is on natural elements, vegetation, animals, water, rocks and geological structures with a variable scale from a garden to a big natural park. It can include environmental effects as rain, snow or seasonal changes.


For big architectural projects, city planning or town reconstructions. Projects that need a large area of represention, to show an extensive solution with many elements. These projects can include landscape areas, surrounding buildings, natural elements, environmental effects, people and traffic.

by User Experience (UX)

3D Development
Bringing your ideas and the world inside a scene

Classic Modeling

The way  most of industrial and architectural products are made. It has a great flexibility to create from a phone to an airplane. It is perfect when all the geometry comes from 2D plans.


Bring the reality into a 3d model, scanning through photography to obtain a high detailed model an existing object. Perfect for natural geometry or for reverse engineering.

Parametric modeling

Create amazing geometries understanding the rules behind the shape, perfect for advance architectural solutions and product optimization

Sculptural modeling

The best way to create organic shapes, bringing to the digital world the traditional sculpting techniques.

Virtual Design
We are expert Designers and 3D Creators

We design for you

We design 3D environments for other creators projects. From abstract backgrounds to realistic or imaginary spaces that can be used by them for their own apps, 3D web sites or VR interfaces and spaces.

We can create contents for your projects, ways to interact, UI, and other materials that can be relevant on the development of you Real Time 3D media. 

Video Game Art and Levels

We create our Real Time 3D through game engines, we are experts in it and generating optimized models for a smooth use. We can support you project development creating and designing for you.

General Purpose and Architectural Spaces

We create in 3D, we are architects with a wide knowledge of 3D advanced modeling and design. We can design for you the background and environment to make your projects look better.