Virtual Hall: Download it and try The Experience!

At MooKan we are convinced that the future of communications goes beyond text, image or video; We believe that the virtual experiences with their multiple options of freedom and interaction are the solution that will complement the existing media taking them to a new level.

That is why today we have taken an important step. After publishing some articles and descriptions, images and videos of our works, today we launched the first free virtual experience, so you can prove for yourself what 3D Real Time brings over other media.

We have chosen the Virtual Hall project for this first public demo. In this sample you can enjoy a collection of sculpture under a parametric dome. A new way for museum accessibility and culture promotion.

We hope that this experience will help you to see the communicative possibilities of our services for your company and projects. We are looking forward to receiving your comments so that we can improve and be able to offer a better experience in future projects.


Download Page.

Do not forget to take a look on Frequently Asked Questions.



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