Moøkan at the 14th ICIF: Hearts and Architecture

Moøkan has attended the 14th ICIF in Jihong building which with subject of "Hearts and Achitecture" on 11 May 2018. "Hearts and Achitecture", emphasizes the effect of achitects' spirit in building, design and art, and explores the application and innovation in new era.

The co-founder of Moøkan, Mr. Gago is invited to give a speech in the event and joint the forum as well.

Our topic is "Art and Technology". When we look back the human history, art is always connected with technology. Art is mared by technology, and also led technology.

But to turn the achitectural art into a building in reality, the designers have to connected with the construction and space experience. Art and design is part of the work, they have to understand all structures and details they designed of the space.

Unlike the architects in the past, today, the market has put the designers locked in an office, without connection with reality, space and experience, but only imagination. The artists are alienated.

Therefore, we should go back... back to human and expereince. But how to get the experience when we are locked in office nowadays? The answer is: Virtual Reality (VR).

Virtual Reality (VR) is not new technology, but today it's becoming a useful tool, can connect the designer back with the experience. With Virtual Experience developed by Moøkan, the designers will have space experience, since their idea now can be visual.

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