Jerónimo Suñol 作品:学徒(Aprendiz)

今天我们展示一个西班牙雕塑家Jerónimo Suñol的作品“学徒(apprentice)”,它是这位雕塑家在西班牙创作期间最重要的作品。这部雕塑是在1978的罗马文艺净化时间创作的,后来在巴塞罗那用青铜铸造。这是部小型雕塑,尺寸为43厘米高,底部大理石基为22X21厘米。


Photogrammetry is a modern technique of digital capture of real models, which we have already talked about in this blog. Technique we work on rebuilding sculptures or buildings. This technique analyzes a group of photos of a model from different points of view and with them and many triangulation operations we obtain an automatic model in 3D.