Category: Real Time 3D

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Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The M.VIEWER is our new master APP, is a Virtual Catalog that can be adapted for each of our clients offering their very own Cross platform APP that they can show, share or give to their clients.

The M.VIEWER brings to you company or institution the opportunity to show all your products and collections in advanced 3D graphics in any platform, from computer to phone and tablets, giving you an ubiquitous catalog to use whenever and wherever.

The 3D catalog allow you to show your products from any point of view, with a proper scale and measures and even with color and material options, allowing it to be edited in real time 3D. It is not just a catalog, you also can show your products in a virtual environment, as a demo house, showroom or gallery.

As a Master APP, the M.VIEWER give you much more, instead of an expensive app developed just for you. We offer a much more competitive price that helps you to offer a virtual experience to you public and clients, and that will be updated with continuous upgrades based on our customers feedback.

What M.Viewer is?

Moøkan M.VIEWER is a new tool for product sales marketing. A digital catalog of your products with a virtual showroom and example environments to show it with the most advanced 3D graphics.

Whenever and Wherever

A tool to show all your products together whenever and wherever you are. M.VIEWER is a computer and mobile APP, ready for your phone, tablet, or desktop.