Jerónimo Suñol 作品:学徒(Aprendiz)

今天我们展示一个西班牙雕塑家Jerónimo Suñol的作品“学徒(apprentice)”,它是这位雕塑家在西班牙创作期间最重要的作品。这部雕塑是在1978的罗马文艺净化时间创作的,后来在巴塞罗那用青铜铸造。这是部小型雕塑,尺寸为43厘米高,底部大理石基为22X21厘米。


Now in our Virtual Hall not only we can enjoy the sculptures but also we can know about them thanks to our new information boards. These boards show us the name of the sculpture and a short explanation of the piece and where it comes from. But what makes these boards truly great is that they only appear when we get close enough to the sculpture, to a comfortable distance to see the sculpture and read the information, and disappear when we get even closer so it doesn't disturb us when taking a close-up view, or when we get away from it to keep always a clean view of the room.

Moøkan 在 Sketchfab

We love Sketchfab, and we would like to share it with you. Sketchfab is a website to share 3D models as we share video in Youtube or Vimeo. It is a light 3D engine on the web that is perfect to show 3D models and sites. It is a fantastic tool for artists and it is becoming popular also for museums, to share their collections with all the world. Some models can be downloaded to share the 3D files, so other artists can use them for their own creations.