Vulkan: high quality mobile graphics

Day by day the capacity of smartphones is closer to that of desktop computers gradually approaching the so-called convergence. When both platforms will offer similar functionalities and qualities.

This will brings many advantages for users who will find greater and better compatibilities as well as for developers who can more easily produce in cross-platform environments.

Vulkan is a new graphics API  (a system tool that 3D graphics applications use) that will gradually replace OpenGL on all kinds of devices to generate next-generation 3D graphics. But what interests us in the case is that Vulkan works on both windows and Android, approaching convergence.

No doubt the biggest advance is for the applications in the mobile world, which until now were limited by OpenGL. This new technology will allow a big increase in the realism of real-time 3D for Android. For now it only supports the Samsung Galaxy 7, Google Pixel or the most recent Xiaomi Mix, but soon we will see it on many more phones.

As a sample of this technology Epic Games, developers of the graphics engine that we use in MooKan to generate our applications, has created an application for the presentation of Samsung Galaxy 7, Protostar a real-time demo that showing the full potential of Vulkan and Unreal Engine 4.



Vulkan really is a big leap for the mobile devices that together with Google Daydream confirm our expectations for the Virtual Experiences and Virtual Reality market as something accessible to everyone in the next 2 years.



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