Juan Bordes, Sculpture

Today in our blog we start a new series of articles with sculptures that we have scanned in 3D. With this initiative we want to continue sharing from Moøkan our work, especially in the field of cultural diffusion and promotion. Thanks to the agreement with some of our clients we will share some of the sculptures of their private collections giving public access to them in a digital environment.

We have chosen to start, the most contemporary of this series. A complete body of sculptor and architect Juan Bordes, A 46 cm piece in bronze lacquered in white.

The sculptor, member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando and author among other publications "History of the human figure: drawing, anatomy, proportion, physiognomy". He is one of the greatest theoreticians on the human figure and its representation. Which is why we chose this sculpture to start this series.

The model was made by photogrammetry. Using 117 photos and generating a detailed model of 10 million polygons and an 8k texture. The version presented here, designed for web, has been simplified to 36 thousand polygons after been retopologized, and two textures, the color (diffuse) and the normal map, that collects the information lost in the polygons reduction.

Pictures from the original model.

Photogrammetry process, from left to right: cloud point, mesh, polisurface, vertex color, texture color

Picture from real time 3D in Moøkan virtual museum.

This sculpture as our previous models, is available for download in Sketchfab and for sale in its high definition version in Snaptank.



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  • Anonymous, Mon, 20/02/2017 - 18:19:

    Hi, the texture is like that the original or you have done the broken effect?

    • Admin, Wed, 22/02/2017 - 04:20:

      yes, this is a exactly replica of the original sculpture, and it was made like that by the author.

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