“Aprendiz” by Jerónimo Suñol

Today we present bust of an "apprentice" of the sculptor Jerónimo Suñol, one of the most important sculptors of his time in Spain. The sculpture is made in the stage of artistic refinement in Rome in 1878 and cast in bronze later in Barcelona. This small bust measures 43 cm high on the marble base and 22 x 21 cm in plan.

Suñol who gives passage from abstract neoclassicism to living realism, is known by the "Dante pensativo" of the Prado Museum, or popularly by the monument to Columbus in Madrid and his replica in Central Park, New York. Author also of the monuments to General O'Donnell or to the Marquess of Salamanca.

This time the digital reproduction has been made with 120 photographs. Using the techniques tested in previous models we have managed to eliminate the glare and reflections for a correct representation of the texture. Adding those features in the material definition for rendering.

In this case, the original model has 5.4 million polygons, which in the online version we have reduced to 39 thousand polygons by a retopology of the surface.



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  • Anonymous, Mon, 20/02/2017 - 18:17:

    Great model! thanks for sharing!

    • Admin, Wed, 22/02/2017 - 04:21:

      You're welcome!

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