Moøkan helps you to get into the future of media
Are you ready?

MOØKAN is a Real Time 3D Company that provides the perfect solution to show spaces and objects. Powered by the last generation Game Engines, we bring the top quality graphics for general purpose projects. We provide solutions for art installations, architecture and design, real estate, museum and public space walkthroughs, 3D electronic shopping or VR (virtual reality) contents.

Traditional render techniques offer us pictures or videos, that once we render them are not editable. Real Time 3D offer us the possibility to explore a model with high quality rendering in real time. We can open the model and explore, take pictures and video, edit and interact with it. 

Real Time 3D is the basis of many new technologies that are taking advantage of today's computers power, to generate a digital world where the user experience is similar to real world, engaging more clients and users on our communications. 

Virtual Experiences are the next generation of media, as photography and video transformed the traditional ways of communication the virtual simulations are starting to change it. Now the viewer takes an active roll of what they watch and how they experience it. They are no more a passive viewer. 

In a world where everyone's have a powerful computer in his pocket, the smartphone, people is ready for this new media. Are you ready? Moøkan helps you to gets into the future.

Real Time 3D is not something new, but is now when the technology is ready to show a high quality result in real time. We develop our models with Game Engines to get the most advanced graphics from the industry for a wide variety of projects. 

The Game Engine is a core element in the render result. For the best results we work with most powerful engine in the market, Unreal Engine 4.

We provide a complete solution for your projects, with a fully operative App runs on PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone and web browser. The App is ready to use, just download and play. Our App has different User Interfaces according to the platform ,making it easy for anyone to enjoy the simulation. 

We also provide hardware solutions, to ensure you can focus on your project without worrying about technical issues.

An Expert International Team
To work with you wherever you are

A Worldwide Service

MOØKAN is an international company with Spanish origins based in Shenzhen, China. With an international profile we offer our digital services all around the world. Our multinational team will give you a solution according  to your request.

Our flextime allows a direct digital communication from Skype, Google Hangouts, Wechat or Whatsapp to arrange meetings between our teams. 


Feel free to contact us in Chinese, English or Spanish!

Stunning Realism
We work with the top rendering solution, Unreal Engine

Not just a tool

We develop on Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). The most advanced software to creates virtual simulations.

UE4 is not just a rendering solution is also a powerful tool to create a User Interface, a code interaction, to create animations, add physic simulations and much more. It is a scalable Tool to create from small object to large scale worlds and simulate them in any modern graphic machine such as your phone, computer or VR platform. 

We will push your visuals to the limit, with custom lighting, shading, VFX and cinematic systems, to create powerful graphics for architectural visualizations, simulations, digital films, and more.

Do you need a design solution?
meet our design partner GA·GA Design

GA·GA Design

Our design partner can provide a full solution for your projects. They are an architectural design office with international designers that can develop your ideas or create for you completely new designs. With a top skilled team in advanced architecture and modelling they can create the perfect design to complement your project.

Moøkan is a Spin-off company from GA·GA Design, member of Gago García Group. A project that has grow until become an independent studio to offer other creators the opportunity to communicate using their powerful simulations.