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In Moøkan we keep working to improve our client's experience and their feedback is the base for our system upgrade. According to this feedback, we have improved our base options and configuration menu, in order to add new functionalities and make it more easy and intuitive to use for any user. 

Our Simulations aren't just a walkthrough App. Our menu gives options to choose different spaces or configure the settings to optimize the simulation to your computer and generate a fluid simulation. 

The new menu add a Audio Slider that control the output volume for our App, separately of the general computer audio to offer a direct control and allow it keep other audio while the App is running. 

We also added a new Mouse Inverse switcher to alternate in to different modes of navigation with the mouse. Now our user experience can be adapted to our users according their previous experience making it more intuitive to move inside the 3D simulation. The standard Mouse control allows to move the mouse to the right to look to the right like immersive simulations, the inverse mode allows to pan the view, like in spherical views or Google maps

In order to make the graphic settings easier to use we have replaced the old menu for a new general controller, Graphic Quality, that manage all the options at once with a few standard settings that scale the quality to your computer graphic processor. Also for advance users we keep the option to activate the advanced graphic settings in order to fit and maximize the performance in their computers. 

In Moøkan we are grateful for your feedback and will be happy to keep listening to you and improve our software to fit all your expectations.



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  • Anonymous, Mon, 20/02/2017 - 18:20:

    Nice menu, is this UE4? can you explain how you have invert the mouse input? Thx!

    • Admin, Wed, 22/02/2017 - 04:23:

      Yes this is UE4. To invert the mouse you just need to add on your character BP a Boolean on the pitch with -1 value to the mouse Y input, so in case is on that it will become reverse.

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