“Unamuno's Head” by Pablo Serrano

Today we bring a sculpture by Pablo Serrano, one of the most important Spanish artists of the 20th century, founder of El Paso (Group), avant-garde movement, which introduces abstract art in postwar Spain. Its international relevance can be seen in the museums that exhibit its work, such as the MoMA or the Guggenheim in New York, the Hirshhorn in Washington, the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg or the Vatican Galleries and in all relevant collections of modern art in Spain.

The digitized sculpture is a test for the head of the monument to Unamuno in Salamanca. Sample of which was realized a series of 6 bronzes. These pieces of similar size to the head of the monument in Salamanca have dimensions of 28.4 x 39 x 27.3 cm.


The monument represents Miguel de Unamuno, philosopher and writer of the ‘98 generation (1898). Walking, pensive, with his hands behind his back, his body blurred and attention remained on his face, becoming the head the central theme of the portrait.

To digitize it we have used 85 photos. We have built a high density 3D mesh of points that we have scaled and cleaned. Later we have optimized for viewing online, replacing the detail eliminated in this process by textures obtained by comparison between the detailed model and the simplified one.

The final model goes from the original 9 million polygons to just 30,000, making it possible to see comfortably from the browser, phones, tablets and computers or virtual reality projects like our Virtual Hall.

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Download this model for free in Sketchfab or its high resolution version in Snaptank!




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